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Individualized Speech & Language Therapy. Orton-Gillingham Reading and Writing Instruction.



Sharon Pacuk MS CCC-SLP, C/OGA

Licensed Speech-Language Pathologist

Certified Orton-Gillingham Literacy Specialist

Certified Structured Literacy Dyslexia Interventionist

Sharon Pacuk, owner of Speech Language Literacy BK, PLLC, is a licensed speech-language pathologist and certified Orton-Gillingham literacy specialist with over 14 years of experience. Her methodology combines a deep knowledge of the structures of language with a gold-standard literacy approach to build skillful and passionate readers, writers, communicators, and thinkers. She is a Certified Level member of the Academy of Orton-Gillingham, the most rigorous accrediting and certifying body for Orton-Gillingham Practitioners. 


Structured Speech, Language, and Literacy Support for Children in NYC



Evidence-based and engaging approaches to help children pronounce sounds and words and help individuals who stutter.


Thoughtful, collaborative treatment to help children process, understand, integrate, and retain the language they hear and read.

Treatment to help children express their thoughts with clarity, precision, and depth.


Instruction using an authentic Orton-Gillingham approach to teaching reading, spelling, and writing to students who struggle with literacy.


Teaching young writers  to deepen and expand their writing skills. Direct instruction in grammar and structure.


Parents Recommend

Veronica, parent

"Sharon is incredibly smart, insightful, empathetic, resourceful and makes learning FUN.  My daughter loves working with her and in just a few short months showed great improvements, evident in her reading, comprehension & vocabulary.  Sharon also takes time to discuss her process in terms that are easy to understand for a parent with ideas on how to help your child continue improving at home.  We feel very fortunate to have found Sharon!"

Melissa, parent

"My son's fourth grade teacher recommended Sharon after noting that he was falling behind in writing, despite the fact he was reading well above grade level.  Writing had become such a struggle, he dreaded every assignment and had convinced himself he just wasn't good at writing. Sharon not only coached him on writing mechanics but also worked with him on strategies to overcome the negative self-talk that was inhibiting his growth as a writer.  Over the 3+ years that she worked with him, he went from barely being able to put down a sentence to being able to outline, draft and edit full essays with relative ease. What was most remarkable was seeing our son transform from a kid that hated writing to a kid who saw himself as a writer.  Seeing the positive impact that she was having on our son, we also had Sharon start working with our daughter and youngest son to provide enriched instruction in ELA.  All three kids have benefited immensely from her instruction. I highly recommend Sharon to any parent who is looking for additional reading and writing support for their child."

Frank & Pascale, parents

"Our son has worked with Sharon for 5 years, from the 3rd grade onwards. During that time, he has improved markedly under Sharon’s skillful and hands-on approach. We saw dramatic improvement in grammar understanding and usage, spelling and sentence structure, among other areas. His grades for English increased, he now enjoys reading on his own, and his confidence in his abilities has grown."

Christina, parent

"5 STARS! My son was having difficulty pronouncing his “s”. It became unfortunate that our son’s name ends with an “s”. He became shy and uncomfortable saying his name and then a bit embarrassed when talking to people. Sharon was a miracle worker! In just a few sessions our son mastered his “s”. He became more confident, less frustrated, and more at peace. Her sessions were fun and uplifting. She is very efficient with time and really knows how to get the job done. We are grateful to have met Sharon. She has brought some added happiness and peace of mind to our family. It’s never easy when a child is uncomfortable, frustrated, or embarrassed with their speech. Sharon offered an effective solution."

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